Financial Settlements

No matter if you’ve been blindsided by your partner having an affair, or if you had to tell your partner that the relationship was at an end, it is an emotionally difficult time. At the same time, you have to make critical financial decisions that can affect the rest of your life. 

Marriage can create a complex mélange of assets, and it is never a good idea to rush your divorce financial settlement. It can lead to an unfair division of assets for the more susceptible spouse. It is essential in a divorce settlement that you receive professional legal advice.

Achieving the Right Divorce Financial Settlement

Each marriage and civil partnership is unique, and the courts will treat it as such. Typically, however, you may be entitled to investments and savings, property, pension, life insurance, a part of a business, furniture and more. In addition, if you have children, there could be child maintenance payments to consider. Debts, credit cards, and other loans must also be reviewed to reach a divorce settlement.

Complex Asset Sharing

At Robertsons Family Law, we have advised an extensive number of clients, from celebrities to business executives, on their rights regarding a divorce financial settlement. From complex business shareholdings to foreign property and assets. We ensure that every part of the marital assets are reviewed and considered. Our advice is fair, but we ensure that our clients receive what they are entitled to.

Not every finance case is concluded by a formal financial application to the court. Extensive negotiations between solicitors can result in an agreement which can be drafted into a consent order. This is a document setting out your agreed arrangements about savings, pensions, property and other assets. You can also include spousal maintenance or child support clauses. This will be sent to the court for approval and will result in a final financial order,

For an initial consultation, please contact one of our family law team or read more about our divorce and civil partnership services.

FAQs on a Divorce Financial Settlement

What documents do I need to reach a divorce financial settlement?

To start with, you will need a year’s bank statements, credit card statements, and evidence of the income of both spouses.   If you have a mortgage, you’ll need a recent mortgage statement. Next, you can add an evaluation of relevant pension plans to the list and a list of other investments, savings, what vehicles you own, and more.   Our experienced team at Robertsons Family Law Solicitors can help you create your personalised list.

Do I need a ‘legal’ consent order? I am happy with my agreement with my spouse.

In England and Wales, an ex-partner can indefinitely make a financial claim against the other spouse, and there is no time limit on it.  

Unless you are happy with your spouse coming back in seven years and demanding more money from you, you’ll need a binding court order to set out your financial arrangements. If you don’t feel as though your relationship is at an end then you might want to consider counselling services.

Why should I choose you to help with my divorce financial settlement?

Not all family law solicitors were created equal. We are renowned for working tirelessly for our clients to obtain the best outcome. Our testimonials and accreditations demonstrate the level of expertise we have at Robertsons Family Law.

What advice would you give about future inheritance?

Generally, a family law solicitor will not include a future inheritance in a divorce financial settlement. An inheritance is never guaranteed as families can fall out, or the assets could simply not be available anymore at the time. However, there are exceptions. Why not tell us your story?  We’d be in a better position to advise you.

What if one of the spouses is disabled?

Your divorce settlement solicitor will consider any physical or mental incapacity of either party to the marriage, and they will counterbalance it in the planning.  For instance, such a person may have a limited earning capacity and a long list of expenses. For the divorce financial settlement to be fair, it is essential to plan for every contingency.

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